Studio Musolff was founded 1997 at the heart of Hamburg’s Grindel district as a space for working creatively and carefully with images and sound. It is a place that provides support to authors and directors in the search for the best way to tell their story. Our reliable technology is kept up-to-date in order to be able to competently play its background role. Whether film editing and image processing, sound mixing and voice recording or the composition of film scores and sound design, it is exactly its strength in the combination of these fields that characterizes the studio.

Film Editing.


Studio Musolff stands for professional movie editing of documentaries, reports and feature films. For many years now, well-known production companies have relied on us as concerns their editing needs. Whether for TV or cinema, internet or museum education: being built on the Avid Media Composer, our digital picture technology is capable of and competent with all major formats.

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The careful treatment of sound is of the utmost importance in determining a movie’s impact. Thanks to our many years of experience in mixing movie soundtracks and voice recording as well as because of our technical know-how, we produce high-quality soundtracks for your pictures using professional analogue and digital technoloy.

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Score Composition.


A movie soundtrack provides support or contrast to the narrative, creates atmosphere and order, separates and connects. I have been designing soundtracks for documentaries for years, several of them award-winning. For my work, I have found a keen intuition and sensitivity to matters of detail to be as important as mastery of composition technique.

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